I help high achieving women deal with hormonal drama so they can finally lean out and feel energized so they can really show up in their business, careers or adventures in life.

Are you a game changer or leader in your field? Are making great things happen in your business and career but feel like your health, fitness, and waistline has been put on the back burner?  

The crazy thing is you actually value your health & fitness but your commitment to your business, your focus on success, and determination to do more and be more, has left you taking care of everyone else but yourself.  

I totally get you, and I know you also value your health and fitness. You also probably have already realized that at some point it will catch with you. If you continue, at some point you are going to look in the mirror and think "how did I end up with this extra weight without even realizing it."  

I am passionate about supporting high achieving women to create a healthy gorgeous body they love, so they can really show up bigger in their industries. I have created the exact program you need to take to create the body you want, experience more energy an increase your confidence while you do the things you do. I am here today to give you permission to put YOU back on your schedule. I am actually going to give you the step by step, even if you already know what do to. I know that most women who are achieving great things, often forget about themselves.  

That is why, this round of my Wild Side program is specifically for high-achieving women looking to acheive great things. I am so passionate about helping driven, motivated women take care of their health, take care of your fitness, and take care of their mind, so they show up in your business. If I can do it, you can too. Let me show you how. 

Sign up now for this 6 week, exclusively online program valued at $1770 and receive the limited sale price of only $497 USD.  

This program begins Monday January 16th! Spaces are limited and filling fast. 

What This Program to Offer

The Wild Side Wellness training program contains everything you could want to know about cutting edge nutrition strategies and strategic exercise plans. 


We eat the Right foods, at the Right time, for the Right reasons. Cycling carbohydrate intake depletes glycogen stores to burn fat more effectively. High carb days are equally important to refuel your muscles so that your strength and endurance is not compromised. 


My detailed meal guides help you get on track with your nutrition and teach you how to incorporate well-balanced eating into your busy life! Most importantly, this incredible tool will help you develop a healthy relationship with food. Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring! All nutrition plans are gluten free!


I offer both at home and gym workout plans. The workouts are designed to complement the nutrition plan (the key to success). Each workout is 15-45 min. long and includes speed burst training, HIIT and weight training.  


This plan does NOT include any magic pills, shakes, or wraps. There is absolutely no obligation or need to purchase any supplements but we will talk about some of my favourites including BCAAs and probiotics.


Designing for mobile is essential in our world today. My program can be easily viewed on moblie devices. Daily edcuation and support will be provided through a private Facebook group and Youtube channel. To track our macros we will be using a mobile friendly free app.


I am comitted to ensuring my program is the BEST on the market. I am continually updating, improving and adding new research. One of the reasons my clients are so successful is because of continual community support and daily access to me.

“ have struggle for almost 2 years to lose weight and NOTHING I did helped and steadily was gaining weight. I had almost given up and thought I was on the road to obesity... until your fantastic program came into my life! ”

- Chenai Robson

About Me

“My name is Breanne Kallonen and I know how frustrating it can be to exercise consistently and "eat clean without seeing any results or progress-especially in our midsection. 

I have trained and studied Bio medical Sciences & Naturopathic Medicine to find the solution. With the right combination of intermittent fasting, weight training, carb-cycling and stress management, I have transformed my life. Now I want to help YOU too, in 6 weeks. 

The best part? I have a money back guarentee. IF you are not completely satisfied, after a good-faith 6 week effort, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

— Breanne Kallonen

Transform your body in Just 6 Weeks

When it comes to your weight can you relate to any of the following statements?

 “What worked in the past to maintain my weight is no longer working.”

 “I don’t like looking at the number on the scale.”

 “I really wish I didn’t feel tired all the time.”

 “I can’t get my food cravings under control.”

 “I wish I had a reliable plan that would actually get me sustainable results.”

 “I’d be happy to lose 5-10 lbs in the next 6 weeks but that seems impossible?"

This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices to help you acheive phenominal results. Think of this guide as your key to becoming a pro fat-burner.

If you’re tired of the failed fads that just do not work, then this program is for you.  

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